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Mission and Code of Conduct

Our mission is to provide organizations with professionals who will make a real difference in the organization's performance be it as an executive, board member or consultant. We will introduce you to professionals who would not be identified using traditional approaches.  We will do this after investing our own time to understand your business model and culture.

The Preod Code of Conduct

        Everyone associated with Preod is committed to our Code of Conduct.  Each of us will:

      • Accept only those assignments that can be completed at the highest level of quality and within the budget and terms agreed with the client.

      • Divulge any potential conflicts of interest prior to accepting any assignment or as soon as possible after the conflict is discovered during execution of an assignment.

      • In all circumstances, provide accurate and honest information about technical matters, status, and all other assignment- related matters, even if the information is unfavorable.

      • Safeguard any confidential information and documents entrusted to us, and conform to the terms of any confidentiality agreements between the client and Preod.

      • Act in a professional manner at all times to include respect for clients and colleagues at all levels.

Preod LLC
Austin TX
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