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When you need to find talented senior executives for positions in financial management, information technology, marketing, general management or business operations, Preod has the experience and expertise to get you the best.  We will work with you to design a tailored, creative search strategy and our goal is to maximize the opportunity for success at every step in the process.

We have found executives for numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as midcap and entrepreneurial organizations.  We have also served the non-profit sector including colleges and universities.

Here is what our clients like about us, why they select us over the larger brand-name firms:

Preod is different from other search organizations:
  • We invest heavily in diverse talent so we are able to deliver diverse finalist candidates on every search.  Over 40% of our searches have been filled with diverse candidates.
  • Our highly experienced search consultants have been leaders in major organizations themselves.
  • We are flexible and can go as fast or as slow as your business dynamics dictate.
  • Our low overhead business model enables us to provide a very attractive fee structure.
  • We have a unique network of talent scouts in major cities.
  • We invest time in maintaining relationships with rising young executives.
  • We invest significant time with the alumni organizations of major professional services and technology firms.
A Sampling of Preod Searches:
  • General Manager, Fortune 50 Technology Company
  • CFO; also CIO, Major University
  • VP, Information Technology, Fortune 100 Company
  • Divisional CFO, Global Chemical Manufacturer
  • CMO, Financial Services Company
  • CFO, National Non-profit Organization
  • Chief Diversity Officer, Fortune 50 Company

The recruitment of independent directors is a critical undertaking for a company.  They can add critical experience, perspectives and independence of thought which enhances the overall performance of the governance team.  Alternatively, the wrong directors can waste time, detract from the board's performance and be an impediment to enhancing shareholder value.  Add to the challenge of getting the best board members the need often for financial or technical expertise. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to thread this needle.  A key to our effectiveness is our own team's respective experience with board requirements.

For financial experts who can chair audit committees, we have, through research, networking, and prior working relationships, a most extensive database.

In Conducting Board Searches, We:
  • Do a deep dive to understand the business fundamentals and the challenges faced.
  • Review the skills and styles of current board members for insight to what will be value adding.
  • Understand the board's operating structure and operating approach:  Level of issues handled in committee versus full board?  CEO Chairman, Independent Chairman?  Lead Director?
  • Sit in on a board meeting to sense the board's operating style and chemistry:  Dominant voices?   Level of give and take?  Management involvement?  Activist board members?  Have there been major events which have shaped the board's style and chemistry?
  • Assess candidates' current situations and likely future paths for insights on growth trajectory and potential conflicts.

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